Douyin Apk Download Latest version

Douyin Apk Download Latest version, Can FYP Easily!

Douyin Apk Download Latest version
Douyin Apk Download Latest version

Tiktok as a video-based social media application has achieved extraordinary success. Until now, there are more than 1 billion Tiktok users from all over the world. But it turns out that many don’t know, there is an application similar to Tiktok called Douyin apk specifically for internal China.

Yes, this Douyin application can also be called the Chinese version of Tiktok. Although the two are similar, these two applications are different applications. Uniquely, these two applications were developed by the same developer. Why is that? Immediately, see the following discussion.

About Douyin Apk

Just like Tiktok, Douyin is a video-based social media application. Where each user can share their interesting videos here so that others can see them. In every video post, every user can also interact in it.

In appearance, Douyin is very similar to Tiktok. Because basically this application is the same application as Tiktok but only specifically for China. So you can find all the features on Tiktok on Douyin. In contrast, the features on Douyin are also on Tiktok.

Here you can still do live streaming just like in the Tiktok application. It’s still possible to view fyp videos and of course if you have the desire to become a content creator, it’s still very open to doing this on this platform.

Even though the Douyin apk is normally only available to users in China, with the advanced technology you can feel what it’s like to use the Chinese Tiktok.

Of course, as an application that is not actually released globally, there will be its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to use Douyin, then you must first know about this one application. Here are some of the features possessed by Douyin.

Features on the Douyin App

As we explained in the previous point, the Douyin application has many features that are similar to Tiktok. But what are these features? Here are some excellent features owned by Douyin.

Sharing Videos
This is the main feature that makes this app similar to Tiktok and at the same time makes it so popular in China. Every user in this application can share their videos for free for others to watch.

The duration limit that can be uploaded is quite long. So that’s enough for those of you who want to create content and share it on the Douyin apk platform.

Later, the videos that you share can be responded to by other people with various types of interactions. Like giving likes, giving comments, or doing stich. They can even save or share the videos that you share.

For Your Page (FYP)
For those of you who have played Tiktok, you will definitely understand this term. For Your Page or what is often also called FYP is a start page that you will encounter when you open the Tiktok or Douyin apk for the first time.

On this page, a random video will be displayed from Tiktok or Douyin users whose videos have made it to the FYP page. Usually, videos that make it to this page will get very high views, likes, and comments.

The videos that appear on FYP are actually not too random. The system of the application is smart enough to find out what your interests are based on your interactions with the previous content that has been provided.

live streaming
The next interesting feature of the Douyin application is live streaming. We certainly know that this feature is also a mainstay of the Tiktok application. With this feature, you can do live streaming so that your followers or even other people can watch it.

Yes, live streaming makes it possible to be watched by other people because basically live streaming can enter the FYP page. So, when you live stream and successfully enter FYP, this will give your live stream the opportunity to be watched by people who are not your followers.

Just like posting videos, on live streaming viewers can also interact directly with you. This interaction can be in the form of likes or live comments that they give and will be directly on your smartphone screen.

Edit Videos
Currently, many videos are edited using Tiktok with the addition of various filters and funny stickers that can only be done from Tiktok. This is inseparable from the large community of users of the Tiktok application so that there are lots of user-made filters scattered here.

This also applies to the Douyin apk application. Because this application is similar to Tiktok, you can also do video editing in it. Of course, the editing referred to here is not complex editing as is usually done in actual video editing applications.

You can only do simple editing, such as adding songs, adding effects, filters, stickers, and so on. But with this feature, at least you will be helped because you no longer need to use a video editing application if you only want to give a simple effect.

Stitches are a very interesting feature of Douyin. You can use this feature to respond to other people’s videos by submitting your own. In other words, you’re stitching together videos of people being stitched and spliced with your own.

Where the video is generally in the form of a response from the video that is being stitched. The available tools are also very supportive for making this kind of response video. You can see the video maker’s account for the first time so that the source of the video is clear.

The existence of this stitch feature makes Douyin apk creators not have to bother when they want to respond to other people’s videos. You don’t need to download the video first and then combine it with the response video because you can do all of these steps directly in the Douyin application.

Download and Install Douyin Apk

aplikasiDouyin Apk
Link downloadKlik Disini

Installing this application is the same as other applications from outside the Play Store where you must first set the security settings of your smartphone. Here’s how to complete:

  1. Enter the smartphone settings
  2. Look for Privacy and Security settings
  3. Then look for the application installation settings
    4.Find and enable “Allow installation from unknown sources”
  4. After that, exit the settings and install the Douyin application.
    Douyin which is an alternative to the Tiktok application is a great alternative when you are starting to get bored with Tiktok. In addition, the advantages possessed by this application are also worth considering so that you are more confident about Douyin.

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