Download Link for Free Cool & Funny iPhone Ringtones

Download Link for Free Cool & Funny iPhone Ringtones

Tired of iPhone ringtones being used? Want to replace it with a cooler ringtone? That’s right, you can download a new one from the collection of iPhone ringtones in this article. Before downloading it, don’t forget to play it first so you know how it sounds.

Download Link for Free Cool & Funny iPhone Ringtones
Download Link for Free Cool & Funny iPhone Ringtones

Relax, these ringtones can also be used by Android users. Especially for those who haven’t been able to buy a smartphone from the United States. You can make your Android phone look like an iPhone by changing the ringtone.

For information, the download file format has the MP3 extension. So that it can be used on an iPhone, you need to convert it first. See the end of this discussion for the full tutorial. Regardless, just download the latest iPhone ringtones below!

Collection of MP3 iPhone Ringtones

Starting from the iPhone Classic series to the iPhone 12, you can download all of these ringtones for free in this discussion. Want a more unique and anti-mainstream sound? Exist! There are also melodious tones, even chanting melodious prayers. Immediately, download from the following link:

  1. Download funny iPhone WA ringtones

Both teenagers and adults, will definitely like funny cell phone tones. Those who hear it can be made laugh.

Pretty entertaining if you’re hanging out with friends or family. This also shows that you are a relaxed person and like to joke around.

Suara kentutDownload
Orang ketawaDownload
Ashiap 2Download
Ashiap 3Download
I love youDownload
Ada WA broDownload
Ada WADownload
Ada WA yang masukDownload
Ada WA bosDownload
Ada WA sayangDownload
Woy ada WADownload
Bales WA bosDownload
Om ada WADownload
Bayi tertawaDownload
Bayi nyanyiDownload

2. iPhone mix ringtones

Ringtone sounds too monotonous? Mending try this ringtone mix. Installing mixed tones will make your cellphone more attractive and stylish. Please download the tones from the following link:

Mix 1Download
Mix 2Download
Mix 3Download
Mix 4Download
Mix 5Download
Mix 6Download
Mix 7Download
Mix 8Download
Mix 9Download
Mix 10Download

3.Download nada dering iPhone classic

iPhone has undergone many changes over time. Changes to the iPhone include changes in terms of the body, components and features in it.

But there is one thing that has always been faithful, and that is this classic ringtone. This ringtone is available on all iPhone series ever published. If you want your Android phone to sound more authentic and unique, then these ringtones are a must try!


4. Cool iPhone 5 Ringtones

Even though this series is considered outdated, in fact there are still many people who are eyeing the iPhone 5. One of the reasons is because of the ringing sound of the notifications.

If you are one of these people, you don’t need to bother looking for the download link anymore. Here are some download links for iPhone 5 notifications for free!

iPhone 5 versi 1Download
iPhone 5 versi 2Download
iPhone 5 versi 3Download
iPhone 5 versi 4Download
iPhone 5 versi 5Download
iPhone 5 versi 6Download
iPhone 5 versi 7Download
iPhone 5 versi 8Download
iPhone 5 versi 9Download
iPhone 5 versi 10Download

How to Change iPhone Ringtone from MP3

iPhone users certainly know that the MP3 file format must be changed first so that it can be used as a ringtone. In general, there are two ways to convert MP3 files, namely with iTunes or through a special application.

Both are equally easy to do, the important thing is that you understand how. So that you don’t get confused anymore, let’s understand the following procedure for changing iPhone ringtones:

The manual way with iTunes

  1. Install the iTunes software on your laptop or computer. Then, 2.connect your PC with iPhone using a lightning cable.
    3.Open iTunes. Select the Music menu. Find the MP3 extension ringtone that you want to convert.
  2. If so, right-click the ringtone. Click Get Info.
    5.When a new window appears, click Options.
  3. Then, specify the Start time and Stop time for the ringtone. 7. If the duration of the ringtone is too long, you need to cut it down to less than 30 seconds. The conversion process will fail if the duration is more than 30 seconds. Press OK to continue.
    8.Do these steps one more time. But in step 3, click Create AAC version while right-clicking the MP3 file. Later the same MP3 file will appear, the difference is that the duration is shorter than the first file.
  4. After that, right-click the ringtone file that was successfully created. Then, click the Show in Windows Explorer option.
    You will be directed to the window where the ringtone file is stored. The file should have the m4a extension. If correct, change the file extension by right-clicking the file, then selecting Rename. Change to .m4r.
    Then close the window. Reopen iTunes. Click the Tones category in the upper left corner. Then click on the top and left icon. Select Add File to Library. Enter the previous .m4r iPhone ringtone.
    Finally, click Tones again and check the Sync Tones box. Wait for the sync process to finish. It usually takes up to a few minutes. If so, you can replace the old ringtone with the newly converted one.
    With application
    Some of you may have been confused before seeing the long way above. Luckily, there are other options you can choose to convert MP3 files to M4R, namely with the help of an application.

It’s clear that this method is easier, all you have to do is follow the instructions listed. The recommended applications to handle this are:

Ringtones for iPhone

How to change iPhone ringtone on Android
So, what’s up with Android cellphone users? Don’t worry, this article also provides a short tutorial for Android users who want to change their ringtones to make them look like an iPhone. Immediately, pay attention to the tutorial below:

1.Open Settings.
2.Then, scroll and select the Sounds and Vibration menu.

3.In this menu several options are available, ranging from incoming call ringtones, message tones, calendar alert ringtones and others.
4.Select the ringtone option you want to change.
Next, find the ringtone that was downloaded from the link above.
5.Confirm the changes. Done.
Not everyone can have an iPhone, considering the price is higher than some Android cellphones. By using the iPhone ringtone above, anyone can change the sound of their cellphone notifications like the iPhone. Interesting right?

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