5+ More Tips for Entering FYP TikTok App

5+ More Tips for Entering FYP TikTok App

5+ More Tips for Entering FYP TikTok App
5+ More Tips for Entering FYP TikTok App

Apart from paying attention to today’s FYP TikTok schedule, there are many other factors that must be considered in order for the video to become FYP. Here are some tips for entering FYP on TikTok, namely:

  1. Be Sure to Create Interesting TikTok Video Content

Another way to pay attention to besides the time of video posting is to make TikTok video content interesting. A mediocre TikTok video won’t get many people interested in seeing it and certainly won’t stand a chance on FYP.

You have to think positively and make videos with creativity. Look for TikTok video content ideas that can catch the attention of other users. It’s even better if the videos you make also provide interesting information for users.

Such TikTok videos will have a greater chance of being played repeatedly by other users of the TikTok app. In addition, interesting and informative TikTok videos are generally shared with other users more often. It is also possible to get lots of likes and comments.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the various effect or filter features in the TikTok application. You can also use the help of other video editing applications to make videos more interesting.

  1. Ensure the Video Has High Quality

Apart from paying attention to interesting content, make sure that the TikTok videos that you will post are also of high quality. The quality of the video in question is the quality of the video display. Make sure the video is not cut, blurry or unclear, and so on.

Make sure to upload HD quality videos on the TikTok application so that they look crisp and clear when watched by other users.

  1. Try Using Viral Music

TikTok has many lists or collections of music/songs that can be used as TikTok video backgrounds. In general, at a certain time, viral music or songs are used as TikTok video backgrounds.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to participate in using songs or music that are currently viral. Doing so can increase the chances of the TikTok video that is created also going viral and getting to FYP.

  1. Use Captions that are Unique and Attract Attention

Apart from paying attention to the videos that are posted, you also need to pay attention to the captions that are used as a complement to the video description. Try to make captions unique and catch the eye so that many users will read them.

Unique and interesting TikTok video captions can also influence the TikTok developer in determining whether the video has the right/fit to be included in the FYP video page or not.

  1. You Can Try Using Various Hastags

Hastags are also one of the important factors that influence videos on the TikTok application. You can look for information about today’s hashtag FYP TikTok schedule and use it as a complement in the caption of the TikTok video that will be posted.

Here are some examples of FYP TikTok video hashtags, namely #foryourpage, #fypm, #fyppage, #fypchallenge, #viral, #tiktokdance, #bestvideo, #tranding, #funny, #trandingnow, #trandingmemes, #trandingfashion, and various other hashtags.

Also make sure to keep adjusting the hashtags used with the TikTok video content that you make.

  1. Try to Collaborate with Other Users

The TikTok application is indeed equipped with various interesting features for the convenience and comfort of its users. The features in the TikTok application are even being updated by the TikTok developer.

One of the features that can be used to enter the FYP page is a feature that allows collaboration between users of the TikTok application. Try to invite TikTok users who have more followers to collaborate.

This opportunity is great to get your video on the TikTok FYP page. Apart from that, this opportunity can also be used to increase the followers of your TikTok account.

  1. Consistent Making TikTok Videos Every Day

Another way that can be used for TikTok videos to enter the FYP page is to make TikTok videos consistently every day. When you make TikTok videos every day, there will be a greater chance that other TikTok users will recognize you.

Creating interesting TikTok video content every day also increases the possibility of getting more followers.

  1. Use the help of third-party analysis application tools

Another way to get videos to enter the FYP TikTok page is to take advantage of application tools that can help you do the analysis. Applications or tools like this can be obtained from third parties, for example downloading them directly from the Goole Play Store.

Tools for analyzing TikTok accounts like this will be very useful. These tools can provide a variety of important information as the main capital in improving the performance of your TikTok account.

The main information that will be obtained is a summary of the TikTok account profile, content insights, and also follower/follower insights. This information helps you perform a more detailed analysis of the overall performance of your TikTok account.

You can also find general information about the percentage of followers, such as gender, location, age, and so on. Tools like this can also be used to find out the habits of followers, for example when followers are most often online and opening the TikTok application.

This information can be used to adjust content made to the likes or tendencies of followers. You can also upload videos at the most frequent times and have the most followers online. The opportunity to enter the FYP page will also increase.

In addition, there is still some other important information that can be obtained, namely:

1.Caption is the most widely used

  1. TikTok video posting activity
  2. Follower engagement (like ratio and comment ratio).
  3. The most frequently used tags and mentions.
  4. The most used hashtags or hashtags.
  5. Average time watching TikTok videos.

Make sure to do a more detailed analysis of the data that has been obtained. After that, use that data or information to improve the quality of various aspects of the TikTok videos that are made. Don’t forget to do periodic analysis to increase the chances of entering the FYP page.

Today’s FYP TikTok schedule is indeed very important to know so that you get the right time to post TikTok videos and increase your chances of entering the FYP page. In addition, be sure to make various other efforts so that the videos enter FYP TikTok faster.

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