FYP TikTok Schedule Today (Monday to Sunday), Accurate!

FYP TikTok Schedule Today (Monday to Sunday), Accurate!
FYP TikTok Schedule Today (Monday to Sunday), Accurate!

The TikTok application is now one of the most popular applications and has many users. One of the ways for TikTok content to go viral is to post content in accordance with TikTok’s FYP Schedule today.

What is FYP TikTok? When is FYP TikTok schedule today 2022? The latest and more complete information will be discussed in the article about FYP TikTok schedule today. Read this article to the end to get more complete information!

What Does FYP Mean on TikTok App?

Surely the TikTok application is already familiar to you, right? So, do you often hear the term FYP on the TikTok application? What exactly is meant by the FYP? What is the importance of knowing the FYP schedule on TikTok?

FYP TikTok is one of the features in the TikTok application in the form of a TikTok video recommendation page that appears for the first time when you first open the application. So, users will automatically see the video as the first video.

The For Your Page (FYP) page will generally feature viral TikTok videos that have a high number of viewers. Of course, TikTok videos that make it onto the FYP page can vary for each application user.

The situation depends on several factors, such as the interests or likes and habits of users of the TikTok application. In addition, there are still many other factors that can make TikTok videos appear as FYP.

Here is TikTok’s FYP algorithm or the factors that influence which FYP video recommendations will appear on each user, namely:

1.User Interaction (Example: video liked, commented, and also shared).

  1. Video information (For example: hastag, backsound, and caption).
  2. Account Settings (For example: Location, country, language, and device type).

The FYP algorithm makes it possible for the TikTok videos you make to also go viral and become FYP videos on other TikTok user accounts. If your TikTok video goes to many other users as FYP, then the video will have many viewers and become viral.

There are many benefits that can be obtained when your video becomes FYP and has many viewers. One of the benefits of course is that the information shared through the video will reach more TikTok users. You will also have more followers.

Then how about FYP on TikTok? One of the ways to make your TikTok video FYP on other people’s accounts is to find the right or suitable time to post the video on the TikTok application.

Yes, you must know today’s FYP TikTok schedule first in order to post videos. Posting at the right time will greatly increase the video’s chances of becoming an FYP.

Here’s the Complete List of Today’s FYP TikTok Schedule

FYP TikTok 2022 what time? This information is very important to know to increase the chances of your TikTok video getting on the FYP page and going viral. So, here is information about the FYP TikTok time every day from Monday to Sunday, namely:

  1. Monday Schedule
    The first day of the week is Monday where many people are often busy with various jobs after the previous day off. Therefore, the best time to post TikTok videos on Mondays is 12.00 to 13.00

This time is generally used by people to rest and take the time to open the TikTok application as entertainment.

  1. Tuesday’s schedule
    Today’s FYP TikTok schedule is divided into two parts, namely at 15.00 – 16.00 and also at 19.00 – 21.00. At that time, it is generally also used by people to rest after finishing a day’s work.

When resting, many TikTok users take the time to open the TikTok application to find entertainment while relaxing. That’s the right time to post videos on this one application. FYP time on Tuesday is indeed more flexible than TikTok’s FYP time on Monday.

  1. Wednesday Schedule
    FYP TikTok What time is it on Wednesday? Wednesday is also the best time to post videos on the TikTok application to become FYP. The best time is around 11.00 to 12.00 when most people are tired and looking for entertainment.

Apart from that, another time that is suitable for posting TikTok videos is from 20.00 to 21.00 at night. Before going to bed, people generally like to find entertainment in various applications, including the TikTok application.

  1. Schedule for Thursday
    Today’s FYP TikTok schedule is also available on Thursday. It’s best if you post TikTok videos during the day, evening, or night. On Thursdays, people are generally more flexible or free to open social media.

The best times to post TikTok videos for a chance to become FYP are 12:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m.

  1. Schedule for Friday
    Friday’s FYP TikTok schedule tends to be longer than usual days. This is because Friday is generally the last working day of the week for most people. FYP Friday falls from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Friday afternoon FYP time could be longer than that time. In general, Muslim female TikTok users also have longer rest hours, while Muslim male TikTok users generally pray Friday prayers. This opportunity can be used to post TikTok videos.

In addition, FYP is also available on Friday at night around 19.00-22.00. At night the FYP TikTok schedule can be longer or longer because there are also many TikTok users who stay up late looking for entertainment because they have the day off from work the next day.

  1. Schedule for Saturday
    TikTok’s FYP schedule today or on Saturday also has a longer duration than the FYP schedule on weekdays Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, many people generally have days off, so they will often look for entertainment by opening social media, such as TikTok.

The best time to post a TikTok video to become FYP on a Saturday is 9am to 11am. Apart from that, you can also post TikTok videos at night around 19.00 to 21.00.

  1. Sunday schedule
    Sundays are also a great opportunity to post TikTok videos for a chance to be listed as FYP videos with other users. This is because Sunday is a holiday for most people, from office workers to school students.

Many people choose to find entertainment and relax at home before facing Monday again. In general, they will spend their time looking for entertainment on various social media, such as TikTok. Therefore, the opportunity for videos to enter FYP TikTok is getting bigger today.

You can actually post videos any time on Sunday, but it’s a good idea to post TikTok videos from 7am to 11am. Apart from that, you can also post TikTok videos in the afternoon until the evening, which is around 16.00 to 21.00.

It should be noted that not all videos posted during these times can automatically become FYP and viral. However, posting a TikTok video on today’s latest FYP TikTok schedule can increase the chances of your video becoming FYP.

You have to keep in mind other factors to create viral videos and become FYP.

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