How to make a collection of sound of text WhatsApp

How to make a collection of sound of text WhatsApp

How to make a collection of sound of text WhatsApp
How to make a collection of sound of text WhatsApp

Actually, it is not difficult to make this one text from text WhatsApp. But what needs to be considered here is, like the pronunciation, which is later exercised in the sound with the text conversion machine.

To create a text sound, there are various websites that can be used. It is only used according to the type of sound that you want to create. In order not to be confused, please use the following tutorial:

  1. The sound of text korea was dear
    Today, many fever have different things about KPOP. It is not uncommon for those who are NTC or BTS fans, want notifications with something that has to do with Korea.

Quite a few who want to use fame by making a typical Korean voice, which is then used as a notification. This means that the sound that comes from WhatsApp is equipped with native speakers of the original Korean people who speak.

No wonder that the sound of text was used indonesian for various purposes, including the ringtones or hooks -Tok. In addition, the sound produced like Korean Oppa can be made similar.

It is suitable for those among them who really like and fans with the world of KPOP and Korean dramas. For those who do not know how to do it, please follow the following tutorial:

  1. First visit the website on
  2. Then the content of the column, which is provided with the text that wants to be changed to the sound, for example “Love the incoming message is accepted and opened immediately, Kamsahamnida”.
    Next you can replace the voice with “Korean”.
  3. Then select “Send”.

The website automatically processes the entered text.
Finally, download the available Google Voice Notif WA.
You can also select the game menu to play the results.
There are different types of language on this page that can be used. If the text used is Indonesia, you can choose the voice in Indonesian.

The goal is that the sound of the text of the Indonesian WA, which you can become clearer. Is it just Korean? Apparently not. There are many other languages that can be used.

  1. Sound of Text Ost Java
    Something different from the website mentioned above, if you want to use this website, it is recommended to enter a clear Javanic text so that the resulting sound has a medical or clear accent.

The sound that came out certainly resembled people from the Javans who talked. It can even enter the text in a very typical tanning tone from East Java.

It is only that the website you use can only be used to create sounds with a relatively limited text. This page only prepares 250 characters or 2 to 3 short sentences.

Simply enter the text into the specified column. Next press the conversion button provided. Don’t forget to receive a preview to know that the results match your wishes or not.

To be more understanding, just take a look at the following tutorial:

  1. Please visit the website first at
  2. Then add the text to the specified column.
  3. For the voice, you can switch to Javaners (Indonesian) in the provision of decisions.
  4. Then select “Convert to the voice”.
  5. End the download symbol.

Audio automatically contains the sound of text WA language Indonesian to Javaner or Sundanese, which are stored on the device. After download, please use the sound for notifications when WhatsApp comes in

  1. Sound of Text Baby Sound
    If you want to make a baby’s voice for WhatsApp notifications, please use the site below. The famous baby’s voice is so funny that many are used to make this unique sound to be used as a tone tick Tik Tok or WhatsApp ringtone.

You can access this site on Google Chrome that has been downloaded on a mobile. Then just type the text you want to change into sound.

There are several choices of sound that lives to choose. For more details, please follow the following tutorial:

  1. Please directly access the site called on the search engine of their respective devices.
  2. Then input the text in the column provided.
  3. Then select the desired sound with the sound check, for example “Ivy Female Child”.
  4. Next you can immediately choose “Convert to Speech”.
  5. Finally just download the audio on each smartphone device.

The weakness of this site is that there are several voices that are premium so they must subscribe first. Different from the previous site that can be used for free without the need to pay.

Despite paying, the Sound of Text WA Indonesian site still has many advantages. Where users can enjoy various features that are not given on other sites.

From its appearance, the site has an interface that is easier to understand even for those who just access it. So, you will not be disappointed if you have subscribed on this site.

  1. Sound of text wa spongebob
    Same with its name, if you use this site, the sound that comes out will be similar to the voices of the popular cartoon character Spongebob. Not only the main characters, the site also provides access to various voices of other characters in this cartoon film.

It’s just the most important thing is to use English when entering text into this site. By using text in English, it is definitely the sound produced to be more perfect.

That is, the sound that will be obtained becomes more similar to the characters in television broadcasts. It is suitable if used as a ringtone. To make it, please use the following tutorial:

  1. Please open a browser and visit the site first.
  2. Then input the text in the column provided.
  3. Please change voice by using a spongebob choice.
    Then PLIH “SPEAK”.
  4. Just download the audio that has been produced.

It is easy to make the sound of text wa language Indonesian which is similar to Spongebob cartoons. So, you who like this cartoon film can use it for various ringtones.

  1. Sound of Text Boy
    So that the text that we input turns into a guy’s voice, you can immediately apply the following way to get the desired sound. Usually the male sound is rather high with stronger accents.

The sound of the guy produced can be used as a sound or whatsapp notification. The tutorial on how to use the sound of text of men is as follows:

  1. Please enter the site first.
  2. Then the words you want to change into audio.
  3. Following it determine the voice.
  4. Furthermore, select “Conver”.
  5. Finally, just download the results that have appeared on the site.

Actually this popular site has a variety of features that are classified as very complete. Naturally, if you don’t just give a guy’s voice. There are many other sounds that can certainly be adjusted to the wishes and needs of their respective users.

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