red clay brick

red brick from indonesia is currently very popular for development and for other purposes.

Red bricks are made from clay which has gone through several stages to produce quality goods.

starting from the processing of clay to burning with high temperatures until it is ripe and hard.

red clay brick

Reasons to use red bricks.

  1. Materials are easy to get
  2. Quality is maintained and has been recognized for construction materials from a few centuries ago
  3. Easy to use
  4. Strong and durable

those are some of the benefits of red bricks from clay.

And we have been producing clay bricks for a very long time and are trusted for their quality in our region of the country.

So that we dare to compete in the international market in the export quality of red clay bricks.

a glimpse of the red bricks we produce

red bricks for sale
red clay brick
  1. The material is made of clay which is mixed with lime and husk from rice so that it is strong and matures deeply.
  2. Burned using firewood at a high temperature so that it is cooked to the maximum.
  3. Red color
  4. Strong and durable
  5. Quality has been proven
  6. affordable price
  7. very good quality
  8. size
  9. price exwork $ 0.33/pcs
    those are some of the reasons why you have to try stuff from us, if the quality doesn’t match the description then we provide a guarantee.

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