How to Make a Number Not Searchable on GetContact

The GetContact application or get contact manage is one of the applications that is currently on the rise. With this application, users can see our name on other people’s cellphones and can block junk calls.

Getcontact automatically collects user history giving our names. This allows other users to see the identity of our contact names stored on other users’ phones. However, some people think that this feature violates and can interfere with privacy so they are uncomfortable because they think data theft.

How to Make a Number Not Searchable on GetContact

PROHRD.ORG has summarized several sources so that we can avoid getcontact attacks from people who want to be concerned about our privacy.

Enter the GetContact site via

Choose a login method using WhatsApp or SMS

After the login process is complete the user will go to the Home page which shows statistics of users looking for user numbers and the “Tag” feature which functions to find out contact names stored on other users’ phones

Find the “Visibility Settings” option and click it

Change the on option on “Search visibility: On” until it changes color to gray (off)

After that a notification window appears, then press the “Yes” button

After that, you can do a test by trying to find your number in the GetContact app with another number

It may take a few minutes to complete the process for maximum results.

That’s the information we can provide, hopefully it helps.

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