ring car cam

ring car cam

ring car cam
ring car cam

The device, called Ring Car Cam, can record both inside and outside the vehicle, the company said at the CES conference in Las Vegas on Thursday. The product also has sensors to detect movement in the vehicle and external disturbances, e.g. B. if the car is hit or broken into.

The monitor works with the Ring app, allowing users to view a live video feed and communicate with two-way audio. The app can also receive notifications in case of a triggered sensor.

Amazon has made broader efforts to get its products into cars, betting that connected vehicles and accessories present an opportunity to expand the reach of the Alexa voice assistant and with the driving-focused features of Alphabet’s smartphones Inc. and Apple Inc. to compete. Amazon sells a device called the Echo Auto that brings Alexa to the dashboard and has signed deals with automakers like Ford Motor Co. to embed the software into in-car entertainment systems.

In an interview, Ring’s chief technology officer, Josh Roth, said the new dashcam device will feature a privacy shutter that can disable in-car audio and video recording. It uses a similar approach to Tesla Inc.’s Sentry mode, which can record external events such as car accidents. Ring had announced plans for a Car Connect device in 2020 that would allow a Tesla to send its video feed to the Ring app, but Roth said that feature has been discontinued.

The Car Cam plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port for power and attaches to the windshield via a sticker. The device can store seven hours of camera footage and then sync it to a phone over Wi-Fi. Ring also offers a $6 per month or $60 per year plan to enable LTE network access that sends alerts and notifications without a Wi-Fi connection and automatically pushes videos to the cloud.

The dashcam has limited voice control via Alexa, which may cause it to fail in certain scenarios, such as when driving. B. a traffic control, with the recording begins.

The company didn’t reveal why the product was delayed for more than two years, other than saying it didn’t feel like the camera was ready for the market. Ring also announced plans for a car alarm two years ago, but now says it’s on hold.

Let’s summarize the car camera
That’s pretty much the story so far with the Ring Car Cam. It’s designed to add extra security in your car, but has similar features to the video doorbell translated for a vehicle.

We’re excited to pick up the car cam and see how the dual cameras work, how the “Alexa, record” feature works, and how good it is at detecting these events.

How to pre-order the Ring Car Cam
If you’re already sold, you can pre-order Ring’s Car Cam now on Amazon for the reduced price of $199.99. When the device starts shipping in February, it will revert back to the official MSRP of $249.99.

The new device is said to ship in February for $250, but the cost is $200 for customers who pre-order it starting Thursday. The launch will initially be exclusive to the United States, Ring said.

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