red bricks for sale

red bricks for sale from Indonesia

red bricks for sale

Red bricks as building materials are very important because they are the main requirement for development.

There are still many red bricks made from clay among the development industry both at home and abroad.

In our company, making red bricks requires expertise and perseverance for maximum results. because customer satisfaction is prioritized so as not to be disappointed.

the stages of manufacture include manual clay processing by human workers mixed with hardeners, after the soil looks good it is used then it is put into the soil mill so that it is solid and good.

After the process of grinding and printing by a red brick making machine, it is then dried in the sun until it is completely dry.

the next process is moving from the drying area to the kiln with a fire made from dry wood or it can be with bran until the bricks are completely cooked until they are red and strong, usually the burning process takes 2-3 days.

red bricks for sale from Indonesia
red bricks for sale from Indonesia

The size of the bricks we produce.
Length : 20Cm
Width: 10Cm
Thickness: 5Cm

prices Exwork $ 0.33/pc.

With a rough surface appearance, it facilitates and strengthens attachment when carrying out construction.

The quality of our products is very popular in our area and outside the province so that we dare to export and market them all over the world.
For orders, please contact +62 82315747427, we are ready to send worldwide a minimum order of 10,000 pcs, very competitive prices Exwork $ 0.33/pc.

Thank you and looking forward to your order.

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