How to Choose Quality Red Bricks

Red brick is one of the important materials used to make walls. However, to make sure the walls are strong and sturdy, make sure that the red bricks used are of good quality.

So, if you plan to buy red bricks in the process of building or renovating a house, make sure to get quality red bricks.

Make sure the size is according to the standard Standard size of ordinary red bricks is 20 cm long, 10 cm wide and 5 cm high.

Meanwhile, exposed brick has a slightly larger size, which is about 24-25 cm long, 10-13 cm wide, and 5-6 cm high. If you want to build a neat wall or walls, make sure to choose red bricks of the same size.

The edges are sharp and even. The edges of the red bricks are sharp and even, which proves that the red bricks are not easily crushed and that their firing is complete.

Sharp angles and a flat surface certainly make the installation of red bricks tidier. The surface is flat and smooth. Choose red bricks that have a smooth surface, no cracks, and no foreign objects such as gravel mixed in.

If the red bricks are solid, of course the walls can also be strong. Not easily destroyed by water Good red bricks have low water absorption.

So that the walls don’t get damp easily, you need red bricks with low absorption. To test this, soak a red brick in water. If it is not destroyed, it indicates that the red brick is of high quality.

If you knock on it, it makes a loud sound. Also read: Things to Look For Before Choosing Wood Furniture for a Perfect Burning House will produce hard and solid red bricks. When the red brick is hit or tapped with iron, the sound will sound loud.

Have an even red color Quality red bricks have an even red color. To be sure, you need to split the red brick that you want to buy. If the red brick has an even red color when it is split, it indicates that the red brick is of good quality.

Not much is broken when transported and unloaded. When buying red bricks, pay attention to the stack when transported by pick-up truck and so on.

If many red bricks are broken or split when transported or unloaded, reconsider using these red bricks.

Buy at a trusted building store

It is advisable to buy red bricks at a reputable building shop. This step is absolutely applicable to get quality red bricks. Order red clay Brick here

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